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1. "Âñå ÷òî ÿ õîòåë (All I Wanted)"- click here NEW

Album "92" promo


2. "Too Awesome" feat. Mike Mutantoff- click here

3. "Electric Blue"- click here

This song was featured in "The Code" movie starring Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas

4. Funky Intruder part 2 (Album promo video)- click here

5. "Dead Prezidents" concert video - click here



6. Porno-Lottery - click here


This video-clip for “Pornuha-Lottereya” (Porn and Lottery) was shot in 3 shooting sessions. The scenario and the concept were created by Igor Nurgaliev (known for his video work with artists like “DMX”, “Eve”, “WuTang Clan”, “Space Girl”, etc) and Mike Mutantoff (known for whole bunch of other shit). Editing took about a month cause it was accompanied by several unhealthy but certainly pleasant things. Everyone was happy. Post-production – what the hell this word means we are not really sure, but our getting-down-together should have been justified. Finally we did it –everybody likes it – very original. Igor said that Mike represented to the fullest so in future clips it will be just him. There are two versions of this clip : Original (Black-n-White) and the One That Everybody Knows (after post-production, Color).
Foto Report : “How We Shot Sex
7. Gangsta Fairytale. - lower quality higher quality (20 mb)
This is the first video-clip of the group. This video as well as the track itself is a parody on “Gangsta Rap”. Mike decided to make a sort of a promo video for his tour to Russia in 2001. The plot was conceived and elaborated by Mike and Maria at Mike’s smoky kitchen in Brooklyn one funny evening. They came up with a lot of stuff – which was unreal to shoot all (did they know ?).
Having no professional equipment (did they notice ?) – a High8 camera was taken (did they give a fuck ?). The camera itself has an interesting story – one of group friends during one of his crazy episodes smashed his camera against the wall. The camera was put together with tape and given to someone else. And that’s the camera that was used to shoot this whole klip !
Stills from the clip can be found here
8. Concert clip - click here
Legalize It (or How We Got Kicked Out of Our Own Concert in Bronx)
9. Concert clip - click here

Funk in club "Heaven", Brooklyn, NY, 2005